The Huntingdon County Arts Council organizes a variety of different programs as it strives to fulfill its stated mission. Depending on budgets and funding sources the programs may vary from year to year.


Arts in Education

The Huntingdon County Arts Council has a strong commitment to arts-in-education initiatives. We have arranged for extensive residency activities as well as daylong, individual workshops and performances in public schools and other educational settings. Some of our adult workshops are eligible to receive Act 48 credits for PA teachers.

Arts in Education Grants

The Huntingdon County Arts Council is pleased to announce its quarterly Arts in Education (AIE) Grants. Each year, the Huntingdon County Arts Council AIE Committee will carefully review and award grants in the size of $250-$2,000 on a quarterly basis. Grants are never guaranteed; however, all requests will be given careful consideration. These grants are for organizations or schools within Huntingdon County that serve children in grades K-12.

Grant Instructions:

Person applying for grant does not need to be responsible party for grant.

Grants will only be awarded to school education involved organizations. These grants may NOT be used for administrative purposes of said organizations.

A responsible party must be named to administer and finish out grant process, once grant is awarded. Please provide e-mail for further communications. More than one person may be listed.

Your organization or school may request up to $2,000. The AIE committee may not necessarily award that amount, depending on other projects being awarded, and will adjust the amount requested at their discretion.

Funds will be paid in a requested quarter. The closing of the grant must take place 1 year after receipt. Deadlines for each quarter are as follows:

1st Qtr – January-March, deadline is December 1.

2nd Qtr – April-June, deadline is March 1

3rd Qtr – July-September, deadline is June 1

4th Qtr – October-December, deadline is September 1

Please list the name of the projects (ie…3rd Annual Spring Concert)

Please give outside artists or professionals and attach their biography and resume

Please let us know if you are using this grant as a matching grant. In some cases, we may ask you to search for matching monies for a grant we award.

Please give us a narrative about your project. Try to limit yourself to 500 words. If you need to go beyond that, it is ok. Please include type of people this project will reach.

Please submit a budget for this project. Break down line items as specifically as possible. Do NOT include requested money from HCAC grant as part of your budget.

Arts In Education Application Form

Arts in Ed Grant Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Huntingdon County Arts Council AIE revolving grants. All grant announcements will be made by the 15th of the month before they are awarded.


Literature events are organized by the Literature Committee of the Huntingdon County Arts Council. Events include public readings in Huntingdon on a monthly basis. Additionally, the group has conducted writing competitions, workshops and invited guests for presentations.

Public Art:

Since 2003 the Huntingdon County Arts Council has played an active role in public art and art in public spaces in Huntingdon County. The HCAC encourages inquiries from communities with an interest in engaging in a public art project. We have successfully secured grant funding in the past and have completed a number of mural projects in Huntingdon Borough and serve in an advisory capacity to the borough of Huntingdon.

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