Slow Arts

Date:12 Mar, 2016

Slow Arts

The Huntingdon County Arts Council is pleased to present “Slow Arts” by veteran Huntingdon County Fiber Arts Fest instructor Marie Campbell, which will open with an artist’s reception on Friday, February 5 from 6-8 pm.

“Slow Arts” features embroidery and bead art by local artist and educator, Marie Campbell. Inspired by a tradition of Japanese embroidery spanning 1600 years, Campbell views her practice as a meditative act, reflecting, “one stitch after another, one bead follows another, a slow process”. The Slow Arts showcases a dynamic collection of the Fiber Arts Fest instructor’s 2D and 3D works, with intentionality embedded in each bead and stitch.

“Slow Arts”s opening, featuring wine, light refreshments and a chance to meet the artist, will be free and open to all. “Slow Arts” will run from February 5-23.

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